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Chilling in Katoomba


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pen to paper: So, like we went to a picnic in Katoomba. In the park near the train...


So, like we went to a picnic in Katoomba. In the park near the train station called Kingsford Smith Memorial Park. It was an okay park but it looked really isolated and had houses really close to it so it didn’t really look like a park, but it was nice that no one was there because we did some…

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I think everyone should get a blogspot :) No pressure whatsoever (Jill and Carmel) LOL! Jk I just need more friends on there :( LOL

I think it’s easier anyway to seperate the pictures from the words, reality from imagination, etc. LOL

Check mine out it’s so sexy, fully went photoshop crazy LOL!


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Read more.

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I think I’ll be posting over here. (like personal posts)




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I went to camp for 3 days, it started on Friday afternoon. It was held at the National Park and we got an amazing water view! It was fun and a totally different experience for me. Everyone there spoke Vietnamese to each other, at first I was so nervous and to be honest my Vietnamese sucks balls. I sounded so foreign, broken and lost. Thankfully their were a few people their who could speak English LOL

Next time I’ll definately invite my Viet friends because it was definately fun like the Vietnamese comdies each team had to perform! At first I was thinking, “Nah not going to this again.” but I’ve changed my mind. Overall experience was fun and it’s actually motivated me to learn more about my heritage.

P.S. The water slide was hectic!!!

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This is a yummy box of jellybeans, you jelly? (see what I did there?)

P.S. Thanks COSCO

P.S.S. It is now half empty. No I did not eat it all myself because my cousin bought and and I’m a scab HAHAHAHAHAHA (This didn’t make sense but I’m cebbbbbbbbs)

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I don’t care if I don’t beat the asian community’s atar probs 99.xx LOL All I want to do is get into my course and actually enjoy it. The ATAR hype will die out after a few months. Unless you’re in Year 12 you’re probably curious haha I swear coming from the Western surburbs my parents are probably more chill than most parents I’ve seen. Anywho

My cousins are funny they can’t even remember their UAI they got or the subjects they did, until I brought it up LOLLL

I’m watching Fullhouse and tbh I prefer the vietnamese version. I just prefer the bestfriends in VFH they’re much funnier and cute especially their matching tees :3 CUTEE!

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I hate when people ask “Are you okay?” That actually makes me unintentionally burst into tears. Yeah I know it’s suppose mean that they care but sometimes I rather not burst into tears in public and just leave it until I’m in my own santuary.

(via leilockheart)

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I prefer communicating with my friends face-to-face. Call me old school but I like much more. Physically meeting, interacting and talking to each other. I’ve never been a fan of keeping in contact online via facebook, sms, msn, etc because half of the conversation is gone that is the emotion and sincerity. I love seeing a person’s facial expression when they talk to me, so I know the type of person they really are. Rather then the next person that says “Hey”, “How are you?” in every conversation. Plus I get lazy to text back, call back or reply back when you can talk, it’s effortless and fun.

I also feel that because we can contact anyone, anytime we don’t actually put in the effort to keep in contact. Well that’s how I feel anyway.

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